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Cairns Waterfall & Rainforest Tour

Quick Details

Adult Age 15+
Child Ages 5-14

Atherton Tablelands Waterfall Tour

Uncle Brian’s Fun, Falls & Forest Tour is a fantastic, fun-filled journey through North Queensland’s spectacular Atherton Tableland’s Region.

You are invited to join “Gus the Wonder Bus” on a day’s journey exploring waterfalls, rainforest and wildlife in this spectacular area. You will be swimming in pristine waterfalls like Josephine Falls, get your hair flock photo taken at Milla Milla Falls (So nice they named it twice) and swim in an ancient crater lake called Lake Eacham surrounded by lush rainforest.

Nothing makes you hungrier than being outside exploring and swimming, hence we will take you to a very special place for lunch. Where you will be offered a 2-course home-made, sit down lunch before we continue our journey.

Morning & afternoon tea/coffee with fresh fruit and some treats are included as well.

We look forward to having you join our family, driving on the bright side of the road!

Temporary updated itinerary due to cyclone Jasper

Departing 7 DAYS A WEEK – Now offering more than ever.

As the Palmerston Highway remains closed due to the flooding, we will go up & back down to Cairns via the Gillies Highway.

  1. Josephine Falls
  2. Lake Eacham
  3. Milla Milla Falls
  4. 2 course Lunch at our normal venue
  5. Milla Milla lookout
  6. Mt Hypipamee crater and falls
  7. Platypus spotting

This means that we are currently skip Babina Boulders until it is safe for us to go there.

Your Itinerary

  • Babinda Boulders: Rainforest, the oldest living history museum, short walk, talk, swim in crystal clear mountain water… AMAZING!
  • Josephine Falls: Amazing three-stage rainforest waterfall that has the most awesome swimming hole in Australia! Get ready for mother nature’s best rockslide.
  • Tea House: We take our food very seriously and you will not be disappointed! Fresh home-made, 2 course lunch.
  • Milla Milla Falls: Are you ready to swim behind a 30-meter (100-foot) waterfall and do the famous hair flick? If not let us help take you.
  • Lake Echam: Lake Eacham is a volcanic crater lake over 60 meters deep and was created by underground pressure that eventually erupted and left a large crater, the perfect place for a swim.
  • Platypus: You get to say “hello” to one of the world’s cutest creature’s native to this area. (1 April-31 Oct)

We take our food very seriously and we will promise you will not go hungry..we take pride in offering a freshly prepared 2 course lunch, sitting down at a stunning location